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Reducing Thigh Fat – What To Eat For Slimmer Thighs

If you’d like to slim your fat thighs and get rid of the nasty thigh fat, you have to pay attention to what you eat. As I mentioned before, you cannot spot-reduce fat in certain parts of your body.

When your body burns fat, it burns it in your entire body and what parts of your body the fat will disappear from first will depend on your genetics.

Therefore, in order to burn the fat off your thighs, you need to reduce your daily caloric intake and then keep that fat off by doing thigh exercises and developing healthy eating habits.

Below is a food pyramid developed by Dr. Shapiro which I recommend for you to follow as your nutrition guideline for reducing thigh fat.

Reduce Thighs - NutritionDr. Shapiro’s Food Pyramid

As you can see from the pyramid above, you have to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, followed by proteins and grain products.

If you follow this pyramid and accept it as your dietary guideline, you won’t even have to cut calories in order to reduce thigh fat.

If you stick to the pyramid long enough, you’ll notice a steady weight loss in your thighs and your body as a whole.

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